In October 1992, a group of women’s health advocates from different parts of the world met in London to discuss the need for a feminist approach to family planning and population policy. This meeting was precipitated by controversy during a women’s rights conference in 1990 in New York, in a session called, “Is a feminist population policy possible?”. The group recognised the need for a platform to publish research that put women’s needs in the centre and allowed women to voice their experiences and views. That meeting in London was the foundation of Reproductive Health Matters (RHM) journal.

With evolution in the field and a range of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) issues emerging, we expanded our scope to address universal SRHR for women, men and transgender people regardless of age or sexual orientation, while maintaining our commitment to a feminist perspective.

Founding Director and Editor Marge Berer led RHM since its inception until 2015 when she handed over responsibilities to Shirin Heidari, as the new Director and Editor-in-Chief.


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