Open Issue

RHM is well known for our twice-a-year themed issues, which have gathered collections of papers on current, neglected and forward-looking themes for many years. In addition to these themed issues, and since 2017, RHM has also accepted papers related to SRHR, outside the identified themes. These papers are, like all RHM articles, open access and published throughout the year on an ongoing basis and alongside the themed issues. Some of these may later be brought together or listed as key topics. We accept a wide range of article types, from full research reports to short personal perspectives, letters and book reviews.


This year, we have adopted a contemporary look for our Open Issue and hope to feature more abstract art with relevance to SRHR in the future. RHM encourages artists and performers from all over the world to contact us if they would like to feature their work on RHM covers.

Open Issue 2018


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